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Red Metal Flake Inlay


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I have a Rickenbacker pickguard that I had laser etched with my nieces name.

It is about 1/32" deep and I wish to inlay it with a red metallic material.

I thought of a fine, red metallic flake with epoxy or a Crazy Glue type of material.

Any ideas what might work the best?



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I would stay away from the red flake that you get at hobby stores. It is silver flake with a colored surface. Works great for crafts and such, but ones you start doing any type of sanding to level things out and remove that colored layer you'll wind up with silver bits showing here and there. I am not sure about automotive flakes, someone more knowledgeable about those will have to give some info. There is a post about a material called Inlace in this section. I have not checked out the link yet, but they might have something usefull.

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