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Re-sawing Wood For Tops


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Just ordered some Bubinga for my forthcoming build. It´s about 2" thick. I´m using the wood for top. Atleast i need to re-saw it in 3.

The guitar I´m building is explorer and needs 3 pieces for top.

Is there possibility I could squeeze out more pieces from that blank ? Let´s say five. Then I´d had more tops for more guitars.

How thick slices I should cut to allow some planing before and after top is joined ? Is warping a factor that i should consider ?

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If it is just a top for a solid body, you could resaw as thin as 1/8"(I suppose you could even go thinner, as people even use veneer in the 1/32" range). I resaw backs and tops for acoustic guitars at 3/16"-1/8" (finished/surfaced backs are usually in the .095-.075" range). Structurally you will be fine with 1/8"(drop tops have little structural requirement). As was mentioned though, think about any carves and asthetics.

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