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Nut Files

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I just wrote a review on Nut files but they are expensive. You need to make the slot for the string you are using so you should not use over sized holes for best results.

As shread said a fine saw and needle files are the only cheap solution. Stu Mac does sell thin bladed saws for this purpose. But the cheaper saw option is an Xacto razor saw with blades of .010 and .012 and a good tapered file for small gage strings. Many razor saw brands are sold for under $5 US just make sure you know what the blade size is before you buy.

One other option is to buy small jewelers saw blades (metal working catalog) break them in half and attach them to a handle. You can create a whole set for much less than fret files. The draw back here is a flat bottom slot and round saw face.

Similar to this picture but with finer teeth, yes they are easily broken in half


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