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Need Advice On Pre Paint Base/sealant For Water Based & Solvent Ba


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Hi all. I have an 80's charvel model 5 that I am bringing back to former glory.

I plan to strip the paint off, pull any dents/dings out via the wet rag and soldering iron technique, sand it back and then fill it ready for pre paint base/sealant.

The guitar is going to be sprayed with either water based paint or solvent based paint depending on the colour/effect I choose in the end.

I need advice on what is the pre paint base/sealant for water based paint? What is the pre paint base/sealant for solvent based paint?

Just concerned that there will be reactions that cause a crappy finish if I don't get it spot on.

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What tpye of wood is it? If it is not an open grained wood, you should be okay going straight to primer.

The body is poplar and the neck is maple. Both the body and the neck will be painted at the same time as it is a neck thru guitar.

Please advise :D

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Those are both closed grained woods, so I would say you should be able to go straight to primer. I am not a big fan of sanding sealer.

Yes, I'm with ihocky2 on this one. I'd be tempted to go straight to primer, though I have used sanding sealers before. I also used waterbased sealers under the solvent based primers and paints that I usually use with no problems, so as long as you prime with an appropriate primer for your basecoat you shouldn't have too many problems.

Jim :D

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