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Sperzel Install On Carvin Bn - Help!


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I'm trying to get my tuners installed on a Carvin BN and the edge line guide that hey give you to drill the holes for the pins doesn't seem to work out with that neck...since the headstock has a curve to it, there isn't really anything to "line up" the edge with.

Can someone help please....sooner the better as I'd like to get these holes drilled so I can start to oil the neck.



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I just measure 1/2" from the edge, and it works for me. But thats for guitar tuners. Whats a Carvin BN? That a base neck? I would measure the edge guide. Then you'll know how far from the edge to drill the tuner holes.

There is a curve in the head stock so there's nothing to line the edge guide to. See here:


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Take a set of calipers or a compass(the kind for drawing circles) Set it for the distance from edge to tuner hole center, and keeping the compass perpendicular to the edge, draw a line at the proper depth for the tuner holes. If I didn't have to leave right now, I'd take some pics to help visualize this. Hope it helps anyway.

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Thanks guys!

The holes are there for the tuners themselves - I just need to line up the tuners so I can drill holes for the set pins. Since the Carvin head stock has a nice little curve to it, (see pic from link posted above.) there's no place to line up the edge guide which has a template for where to drill the set pin holes. I think I've got it figured out. Just have to eye ball it so it's esthetically pleasing and go for it.

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