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Removing A Glued Neck.

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Hello people,

I finally took the decision of reworking my first build. It was never coming out of the case because the fret job, the radiusing and the straightness of the fretboard were less than great. The neck itself was also a bit too much on the beefy side.

Now I've gotten much better with the necks and the fretting, so I have already reshaped the back of the neck, removed the old frets and straightened re-radiused the fretboard.

But, in terms of rework, I could also use a little more neck angle with the Pigtail wraparound bridge I'm using now.

I can always route a shallow recess for the bridge and be done with it. But I was thinking if removing the neck would be so difficult or risky.

It would definitely make my life easier for the re-fretting too.

So how do you remove a glued neck ?? I know I have to use heat, but how exactly.

In case it matters this is an essentially unfinished maple neck with maple fretboard into a one piece mahogany body.

Thanks in advance for the suggestions and help.

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You can either remove the fretboard first or remoe tham toghether. If the former, se main page for fret board removan tutorial. After that you can use the same hosehold iron, set on steem, place it on the joint. Use thin putty knives, usitily knifes or single edge razorblades to open up the joint and thats more or less it. Can be very destructive for wood and finish thou.

If you whant to take it off in one, I *think* you need to force steem into the joint through injector needles ala a acoustic neck reset. Remove the corect frets, drill tiny holes throught the fret slots into the neck joint and inject steem.

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