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Carvin Body Roundover Radius.

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Well, they offer two levels of round-over, normal, or crazy extreme round-over.

If you e-mail them, they'll probably tell you. I've gotten a lot of help from medium to large guitar companies in the past.

They're usually happy to tell you, unless you ask them how to build an exact replica :D

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It would be nice to know, because I intend to build a 727 type 7 string guitar for my cousins 16th birthday in sept.

He fell in love with the carvin after looking at one of my catalogs. Both his parents recently lost there jobs with DHL.

And I would like to help them out. And I have been interested in the holdsworth Fatboy.

Thanks guys.

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I think this might help you. I am building a Carvin dc replica. I took the picture and just scaled it and hand drew it, cut it out the body, and then used a 3/8 roundover. I am very happy with its look. To me, I think Carvin uses 3/8, but if not, its a good start and I don't think you'll be disappointed

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