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Clearing Over Holes

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Hey how small can I make a hole and clear coat over it so that it doesnt block the hole?

Imagine the holes on an ovation acoustic here...


Well if I made those holes too small and clear coated over them the lacquer would just seal over the hole yeah?

Could I just make them really small, and then wait for it to dry and just re drill the hole?


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But if its a sound hole and I want to get finish on the top and in the edges of the hole, whats the minimum diameter to still get a crisp edge without it sticking to the other side of the hole?

Could I remove the lacquer thats filling the hole while it was still wet, just leaving it on the sides?

HUH? Your question makes no sense. Hows about a few more details like hole size, depth whats behind it etc. Acoustic, electric something we can work with.

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I want to make a sound hole in a semi acoustic top, a rather intricate design, but I am worried that the hole will be of too smaller diameter for the clear to produce an edge, and will instead plug the hole.

Imagine a 1mm hole in a peice of wood, if you spray over it, it will probably just get filled, but a 10mm hole would not, the clear would stick to the top and sides.

So I'm staying whats the minimum width of a hole so that the clear will not cover it.

Sorry its kinda hard to explain.

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