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Transtint Equivalent To Sm Tobacco Brown

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Good question. Have wondered about it myself, and just guessed. I *think* I bought 'dark walnut' (I'd have to go in my paint room to look, but I'll probably walk through a spider web, and would rather not do that right now)

Since I never had an actual bottle of SM 'Tobacco brown' , I still don't know for sure if they're the same.

I noticed once that Stew's TB had some kind of added health warning on it (the 'honey amber' has that same added health warning-- and this warning was not on any of the other colors, that I know of).

Now, the 'Dark Walnut' I have does not have that added health warning, so that has made me think it's not exactly the same as the TB.

The 'dark walnut' is very dark.

I could use a lighter shade than this stuff.

I've already written to the TV networks, suggesting a ' Secrets of Stew-Mac' TV show. William Shatner is interested in being the host.

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I'd guess that the health warning bottles are the metallic-based dyes, the ones with no warning are probably standard water-base or alcohol base dyes.

Metallic-based dyes are soluble in anything I believe, and I think give somewhat more vivid colors.

Just a guess...

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All the ones I have are described as " metal complex ", but only the 'honey amber' has an added "known to cause cancer in the state of california", on the back label, And I'm quite sure at one time I saw on the internet, the stewmac 'tobacco brown" has (or at least *had*) the same cancer warning.

From Transtint I have :

Honey Amber, Dark Walnut, Cherry red.

From StewMac I have :

Orange, red mahogany

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