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Cracks In Finish

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First post on this forum but not after reading my way through posts and tutorials to help prepare for my first build.

But in the mean time, I am putting together a strat from various parts I've managed to put together. The question I have though is what to do about cracks in the finish. They run in straight lines along the grain and go all the way through the lacquer and paint. It is also very brittle, to the extent that you could raise it and break pieces off with your finger nail. The cracks and the small bits that have broken off shows bare wood underneath with no undercoat. The finish is a tobacco burst but I'm not sure what it actually is, it looks like plastic.

I have looked around on the internet and some relicing sites show deliberate weather checking as more chaotic and spider web like. Not in straight lines like on this body.

Can anyone suggest what this is and ideas on sticking with an older relic look strat as it appears to have got there through age (?) or to completely strip and make new?

Any advice or suggestions would be great as I'm completely undecided :D

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Here are a couple of pictures, sorry they're not too clear.

First is the neck pocket, as you can see part of the finish has broken off here.


Second is part of the back which is much worse than the front.


Do you think this would look odd if it was left as it is and allow it to continue cracking with the odd bit falling off here or there. Or as has already been suggested, completely strip and restart. Although I love the burst on this body and have only ever done a solid one colour finish in the past.

Also does this look as if it has aged naturally? I think if I keep it this way I would have to go down the relic route and get aged parts to fit. But if I do then I'm not sure if I would have to break off all the loose parts of the finish.

Like I said, very undecided!

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