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Bass Block Inlalys

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Has any one done a block inlay job on a 34" scale bass, using a les paul (guitar size) marker set? I am doing it on an ebony fretboard, with white m.o.p inlay material. Granted they will be smaller, and I will have to cut one for the 24th fret, I was just wondering if any one has seen or done anything like this. I think it might work, and yes, I did order guitar inlays on accident. Just trying to make the best of things. Any response apreciated.

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Andy DePaule Inlays

Andy has loads of inlays including a couple block sets for bass scales including the 24th fret marker. So, that would save you some work and they would be of proper size, that is if these are what you are looking for. If not you can check the guitar block inlay section on his site. If you can't find what you want there you can still get your shell blanks there for cutting the 24th. Andy is a great guy, great service, and great products. Best of luck. J

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i did it way back on one of my first boards w/ face inlays ever; i thought it looked cool at the time; and it still looks alright? just ;like you said, a little awkward with the sizing; it was gold 'pearloid' inlays from ebay and for the extra piece i did a 12th fret inlay myself; they were all trapz which i used upside down.

if i can find a pic i'll post it so you can see what i mean.

worst case you can trace all the pieces with one of those tracing wheels to enlarge it; and they will be all the same porportions?

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