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Rf/esprit Ultra Split Block Inlays

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I need to duplicate a set of the unique split block MOP inlays as found on the Fender RF/Esprit Ultra.

I only have WWW photos and such to go by and the blocks appear to generally be larger than LPC style blocks.

I've done a couple of CAD layouts, scaled up & down, cutout the paper inlays and arranged them on the fretboard for visual confirmation, etc.

...not quite satisfied with my results to date!

I'm assuming that since the original Esprit Master Series guitars were built in Japan, the inlays are probably in metric, rather than inch.

Do any of you folks have these inlay dimensions or access to an Esprit Ultra that you could measure? If so, please PM and we'll coordinate.

I'm particularly interested in knowing the width of the "split" in each block inlay.

An educated guess would be 2mm at frets 3-5-7, 1.5mm at frets 9-12-15 and 1mm at frets 17-19-21.

Please let me know if you can help!

Best regards,


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I believe (based upon web photos, etc.) that the RF/Esprit Ultra inlays are two separate pieces divided by a strip of the ebony fingerboard.

Can anyone confirm this as fact?



That is correct, the blocks are two separate pieces with .055 of fretboard between them.


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