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Uk Supplier Of Guitar Necks?

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I dont suppose anyone would happen to know a good supplier of guitar necks, within the UK? The only one I can find is AllParts (The UK branch), and the necks which they sell are usually around £140. I'm sure I've seen a company based within the UK selling decent necks for £40-50. I cant for the life of me think where though! In particular, I'm looking for a maple tele neck. Also I need to be sure that I'll be able to get them on a regular basis.



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Hmm I've not had much luck with eBay...

Got the wrong neck the first time (It would seem that the neck was designed to fit one model of guitar and no other). It was ment to be for a Les Paul, turned out it was for some obscure Epiphone SG model that no-ones ever heard of.

The second time the neck was warped.

Plus, its not exactly a reliable source.

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