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Holes For Wiring?

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Can anyone tell me as to how you get the channels for the wiring of the guitar going through the body of the guitar? (As in literally through the body, not router through the face of the body). Some people have said to use a drill, but I really dont see how that would work, I mean you'd have to drill sideways! I'm kinda stumped, so if anyone could help me out a bit?



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if is a bolt on or set neck guitar then drill with a very long bit from the neck pocket to connect the bridge and neck pickups. then drill from bridge pickup to control cavity

If its a through neck then route a slot connecting bridge and neck pickups into the side of the neck blank before the wings are glued on

If the guitar has a top you can route for the wiring channels before the top is glued on

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I have an extra length drill bit, you can find them in the hardware store. The extra length allows you to angle low and avoid scraping the finish with the drill chuck. Most pickup and control routs can be joined with a low angled drill hole, otherwise you need to use tricks like WesV mentioned.

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