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Wiring Request

IPA or death

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Surely Seymour Duncan has these options, maybe not both in the same diagram but its easy to combine them.

push pull pots are lower quality than CTS ect so with that in mind you may want to have them on the tones and use better pots for the volumes.

do you want neck coils out of phase with each other or neck out of phase with the bridge pup? the second option on affects the neck+bridge selection

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Thanks for the replies. Keegan, splitting both is fine with me. The main thing I wanted was the out of phase setting, and the splitting was secondary.

Buuuuttt....I have wired it all up and my bridge HB is giving me extremely low volume whether in the up or down switch position. And the bridge tone control cuts out the sound like a volume when taken all the way down. It isn't affecting the tone, only the volume. I also get a good humming sound when I touch either bridge pot.

The neck HB is working perfectly, tone and volume. I guess I've got some more work to do, though frankly I'm pretty tired of it all and would rather be playing the guitar rather than wrestling with it. :D

A grounding question: Should all pots have a wire running from a soldered spot on it's back to the sleeve of the output jack?

Thanks to all.

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A grounding question: Should all pots have a wire running from a soldered spot on it's back to the sleeve of the output jack?


The easiest solution is to have the back of all of the pots connected with a ground wire, then have ONE wire running to the jack ground.

I have wiring issues on most of the guitars I do. What I started doing is taking it one piece at a time. It takes forever, but there are fewer issues in the long run. Start with the pup directly into the jack. If that works, add a volume pot. Then the tone, switch, second pup, and gadgets, testing it between every single component. It's SO much less of a headache overall because an issue is identified immediately and you know where it is without question.

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Guitarelectronics diagrams are a little harder to follow. I usually wind up screwing something up and having to double-check everything. It sounds like something is going to hot that shouldn't be and something else is going to ground that shouldn't be.

Also their diagramming of switches is horrid. I tried to use one of their diagrams on my strat and the switch wound up backwards even though I did everything exactly as the diagram.

Seymour Duncan diagrams are way better. I would use use one of their normal LP diagrams and then add in the push-pull functions later.

It also helps if you understand why it works so that you know which wires need to go where instead of just following the diagram.

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Well I did get it working. Some of my wiring on the push/pull for the coil split was sloppy, so I re-soldered it and it's working fine now. A bare spot on one wire was resting on another one that it shouldn't have been close to.

I'm using the old tried and true combination of JB in the bridge and Jazz in the neck. The phase reverse and coil split together give me a thinner sound to do some Strat-like stuff. And the sound of the pickups just rocking out is pretty nice too.

Keegan, that diagram is a little harder to follow than the SD diagrams for sure. It helps to print it out and color the wires though. I agree that the SD diagrams are the best. Very well done and many layouts are covered but I was lazy and wanted it spelled out for me. I'm not the sharpest guy when it comes to guitar wiring...or Peruvian folk dancing.

Thanks for the posts guys.

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