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Binding A Headstock

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Here's what I have going on...



Maple neck with a re-shaped headstock, bloodwood face plate. The neck will be painted black, matching the body. I want the headstock to further match the body and have white binding.

The horns don't come to a sharp point, but they're pretty close. Were they to come to a sharp point, the only real option would be to cut & bevel the binding to the angle. Since these are slightly rounded, I'm probably going to have to heat & bend the plastic around the tip.

So, with the points on the horns of the headstock, what pitfalls do I need to look out for? Any suggestions or experience binding this much of a point?

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I would heat and bend all of the rounded areas. The sharper points, I would probably heat and bend as tight as possible around the bend, with only a little extra past the point, and then trim it off. Then run another piece coming from the other side and do the same process. Once trimmed and sanded flush to the head, you should get pretty close to the same shape. That is how I have been doing it, but I am still trying other ideas. That is the easiest one that has worked for me, but if I could find something to get better results with, I would definitely be interested.

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