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Warped Soundboard: Worth Messing With?

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Define warped.

Post pics.

Anything else will be entirely pointless to discuss. :D

EDIT - OOPS - Where were those pics before... :D

That looks like quite severe bellying. Take a look inside and see if any of the braces have separated from the top, and consider taking it to a pro if anything has come loose. There are many things you can try to repair it, but apart from humidifying it a bit (see the link the previous poster added) there's not a lot I'd recommend to an inexperienced person.

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Thanks for the info, guys.

I'll check out that site. But ugh, the videos are WMX files. Talk about defunct.

If you want to watch these on a Mac without risking the installation of Flip4Mac, here are the links so you can download the files and watch them with VLC (which is reliable and free).



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