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Rough Frets

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what steel wool did you use. I go for 0000 but not all brands are created equal. 0000 liberon brand is wonderful - you could make jumpers from it, 00000 colron is messy, rough and generally not worth buying. Thats ones i know i can get in the UK (axminster for liberon, B&Q for colron), not sure about the rest of the world

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on my frets that suck, I take 1200 grit and sand them a little.

I have a dremel with the pencil like externsion, and a mini polishing wheel. I use metal rouge, the stuff that polishes metal, and I polish them up with that.

when done, the frets feel slippery. like the strings just want to fall off of them.

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the 0000 steel wool that I have (don't remember by which company) equals to around 1500 grit paper, but I usually like going up to 2000 and then buff with a piece of cloth. If you can't find proper steel wool around where you live you can buy some wet sanding papers (no need for micromesh), 1200 - 2000 grit, and just go over the frets with them, then buff, and then apply oil.


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