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Looking For Opinions: Should I Bind This Body?

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I left the pickup rings for this body at home so I brought the body home because I was really curious to see what it would look like with the hardware.

I was planning on binding this in ebony, but when my wife saw it, she said it looks good unbound. I'm kind starting to agree with her. I think I might just be subconsciously lazy, though.

The wood is bubinga. It'll be a deep shimmery red color when finished, with maybe a hint of purple. The pickups will be nickel like the bridge. It's still in a rough state, so just ignore those nicks around the edges. This will be for sale BTW, I'm not keeping it.


The other pickup ring is taller for a different bridge/neck angle. I still have to order the other one.

Here's the back(which won't be bound).


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