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Saga Build

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This is my second Saga build. The first time I sawed 1/4" off the face of the guitar and attached my own wood.

This time I want to finish it more naturally. More like a Springtsteen Tele. What got me last time was the thick sanding sealer on the body.

What finishes ( stains, lacquers , etc. ) work on that .... stuff? I'm not even sure it's sealer.

I've read a little about antiquing wax working.



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I found this information on the ReRanch site. I'm in the process of trying to figure out how I am going to finish my Grizzly guitar kit and came across it. I hope its of some help to you. As I understand it water based dyes cant be used on sealed wood but an alcohol based dye can be sprayed over a sealer. The article states that Gibson and PRS use alcohol reduced dyes to tint their translucent finishes.

Aniline Dyes

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Sanding sealer is known to have issues adhering to finishes. I haven't had any problems yet, but it CAN happen.

One of the properties of shellac is that it sticks to ANYTHING. The drawback is that it's the least durable of the film finishes.

If you're concerned about adhesion, lay one thin layer of shellac over the sanding sealer, then lay the "real" finish over it.

OR you could use shellac as the sealer.

Or you could bypass the whole thing and so straight into the finish. Any film finish seals the wood with the first coat.

So an important question at this point is why are you using the sanding sealer?

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If you want that Bruce Springsteen vintage amber look, you are probably best using a tinted clear to get your color, ReRanch sells it in a rattle can.

Another option for a nice natural finish with some amber / butterscotch overtones is Tru Oil.

You don't have any veneers to worry about, so I'd probably give it a good sanding first then go to town.

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