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  1. That's the first thing I thought of when I saw the pics.
  2. You said there is a Gibson dealership near the "luthier" that did the repair. What if the dealership had a look at your guitar and documented for your insurance company what is wrong with the repair and what it would take to make it right. It also wouldn't hurt to have some photo's of similar repairs the dealership has done to show the insurance company how it should look. If they are anything like my old insurance company they will make a fuss about it, just stay on them until it is right. I wish you luck with this, it's sad to see someone messing up one of your instruments.
  3. Have you looked at the wiring diagrams from the Fishman site? I know they have them. Do you have a fresh battery????
  4. Here's a webpage with some wiring diagrams that I have used in the past GuitarElectronics.com. As far as a high output passive pickup, I love my George Lynch "Screamin' Demon". Post some pics of the guitar when you get a chance. I would love to see it.
  5. There is a burnt finish tutorial here at PG. Burnt Finishes, Tips and Tricks The idea of using a dark grain filler sounds like it would give a cool effect also.
  6. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you like relic'd instruments Seriously though, that's a nice looking group of guitars.
  7. Are you using the harmonic at the 12th fret or just fretting the 12th fret?
  8. Hmmm, the link is not working for me. Did the neck have a locking nut before or was is a regular ol' plastic nut that they used to stick on the charvels? It is pretty easy to route the shelf for the Floyd nut. Here's a tutorial on how to install the nut. Floyd Rose Install
  9. I know this is a simple question but I only ask it to get all the information. Are you using a tuner to check the intonation and how exactly are you checking it? Something here is not adding up.
  10. You can usually get the paint for crackle finishes at a hobby or crafts store. It usually consists of a base coat, the crackle glazing compound, followed buy your top coat. A google search should give you plenty of options for paint.
  11. This is a little too late but what do you think about rosewood rings to match the fretboard??? Or even rosewood pickup covers with the black rings? I was a little disappointed to see that the "ebonizing" didn't work but the black looks great also. All in all this is a great looking instrument and should definitely by put up for GOTM.
  12. Wow.... I can't believe I saw this on the PG forum. Usually the people that post here are so helpful and supportive. Don't let this get you down sthell. Even though some mistakes were made on your build you took the constructive advice of the people on this forum and did what you could with the tools you had. I think that this guitar shows a great amount of determination on your part and a deep love of the instrument itself. I congratulate you on a job well done and hope that you continue to build instruments.
  13. Thanks guys. I appreciate the info.
  14. I'm going to start routing my own bodies with templates. My question is about the cutting diameters for pattern cutting bits for routers. Should I be using certain diameters for different parts of the templates? I.e, neck pocket, pickups, control cavities. Or is this more a matter of personal taste? Should I use smaller diameters to help avoid tear out? I have been looking at some bits that have a cutting diameter ranging from 1/2" to 1 1/8". I realize that the smaller diameters will remove more wood from the corners of neck pockets and such but does anyone have preferences to certain sizes and why? Thanks in advance to anyone willing to give me some info.
  15. I'm not sure if the Yamaha has any special needs or odd size for its bridge but Stewart-Macdonald has acoustic bridges available. Stewart-Macdonald
  16. There is a tutorial on doing a trem to hardtail conversion right here at project guitar. Trem to Hardtail Conversion I hope this helps you.
  17. I've been fascinated with this body design for some time. Maybe one of these days I will actually attempt a scratch build myself and use this type of design. That burl top looks great. I look forward to seeing this one done
  18. According to the website the necks have a urethane finish on them. Unfortunately they are not saying what the relic process is. Sorry it's not much help.
  19. Only damage I have ever done to a guitar is a stage light falling on one. It just seems that the used King V's and similar style instruments I see for sale have the same type of damage or wear to them. I suppose most of that can be attributed to the target market of that style of instrument.
  20. "Probably. Unless you're going to be building an 18 string "aircraft carrier" bass " Hmmm............Just to say I did it????
  21. I know this is a little off topic question but is the bridge held in place just by string tension?? I ask because the tailpiece looks like it has been move a little to the treble side of the instrument. Whatever you decide to do with the pickup please keep those pickup covers.
  22. I love that design. I look forward to seeing the finished instrument
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