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Future Part-o-jag Build

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Planning sort of a modernized Jaguar parts build. Thought you guys might be interested.


Body: USACG Mahogany Jaguar Top-routed, Midnight Wine finish

Neck: USACG Maple/Rosewood US-4 headstock, Asymmetric, .850" thickness, 10-16" radius, 24" scale length, 22 frets, 1.650" nut width, 6105 frets, top truss rod adjust, satin finish

Pickups: SD Vintage Jaguar Neck RWRP, SD Stag Mag Humbucker Bridge

Controls: Custom Jaguar wiring

Bridge: Hipshot Hardtail

Tuners: Schaller locking

Pickguard: Custom Black Pickguard

Control Layout:


Thinking of building a tube amp Tweed Deluxe-style and 212 cab(with eminence cannabis rex's) to go with it.

Now I just need the money to do it :D

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There are two "channels" on it. The rhythm channel uses just the neck pickup and its controls are on the upper horn. The lead channel is fully configurable with whichever pickups you want(first and second switch on the lower horn) and then the third switch on the lower horn is a treble bleed(.003uF cap and 56kohm resistor) on a normal Jaguar. The volume and tone near the jack are also for the lead channel. Each channel also has different impedance values. The lead has two 1Meg controls with a .01uF capacitor and the rhythm has a 1Meg and 50K control and a .01uF cap.

Here's a neat interactive demo of the controls http://www.webrocker.de/jaguar/cms/2007/05...ractive-jaguar/

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