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Finishing With A Swirl - Finding The Right Items And Know-how.

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Hello everyone.

After trying my usual haunts (7string.org and UG forums) and getting no help I have step outside and created an account and thread here, I am now sure that I have come to the right place. So hi all! :D

Onto my problem.

I am planning to do a swirl job on a as-so-far unmade guitar. But I have never attempted this or anything like it before. I am following this guide:http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/tutorial5.htm

Will this borax do the job?


And what oil paints should I use? I can buy online if needed buy from the UK and all of the Plasti Kote paints (as mentioned in the turitioul) that I can find are spray on's.

Also, can I use any sealer or primer? And do I lacquer it specially?

Thanks - Yano

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For paint you can use any signpainters enamel...large selection of colors too! Can't help ya with the borax - never done it myself. I do know you can sue those paints however. "One Shot" is a brand, and www.coastairbrush.com has others too. Not sure about shipping to UK.

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If you use oneshot and plan on clearing it you need to add a catalyst to it.

HOK's stripping paints need a catalyst if you don't plan on clearing it.

Not sure who else is in the stripping game anymore, Alsa's on the verge of shutting down the paint line if they haven't already.

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I would think that if it's a guitar you would be clearing it right? So the catalyst doesn't matter for a swirl. Would it? Only if your design involved some striping, and you were doing it on top of the clear.

Otherwise yeah, HOK striping needs to be cleared. Where as One Shot - you need to make sure your first coat of clear is a light mist coat, not a heavy one. As is the case for all clearing...with 2 part automotive anyway...

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