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Installing A Strat Style Jack Plate

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I did it sans drill at first. (Yet another template to add to the stack.) Then I did have to use the drill after the initial opening to make room for the jack plug to extend up into the body. (I just went in with 2 * 3/8 holes side by side, then cleaned it out.) The upper part of the hole needed to be routed quite deep.

I will have to think of some way to make an angled template and which tool(s) in which order might make a nice, neat opening. It would work with an extra long router bit (to come in on a 45 degree angle let say), but I have not seen one that long. Might be a bit tricky, though I regularly "plunge" by rocking the router over on it's edge with no trouble. Should be much the same coming in at an angle like that.

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