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ok heres the deal,

i just got a free strat off of one of a kid that i know. the only problem i have is that he completely destroyed it. he painted the nice white pickguard black ( WHILE IT WAS ON THE GUITAR!!) so needless to say theres paint everywhere, on the neck and the knbos and bridge and everything. he also painted in between the frets (just the ones with the inlay dots) and theres bid dents and scratched all over it.

i just was wondering if someone could clue me in on a cheap and quick way to take all the paint off the body because i was thinking of making it a natural finish, and where could i get a cheap, but good pickgaurd to replace the other one.

also i just wanted to point out THAT IM BACK IN ACTION! my first couple of posts were about refinishing my first guitar but i didnt know how much time i was going to have because this is my first year in highschool, but now im back and rearin to go. i bought all the wood and everything to start a though-neck guitar. i hope it turns out okay :D

thanks in advance for any help you guys can give me



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If you think the finish under the paint is still intact then try Brian's idea. A word of warning, most times you have to let the acetone soak in to loosen the paint. That means holding a dampened rag on the spot for up to 10 minutes. The acetone might go farther than you want it to and your end result could be bare wood. If the guitar is not a vintage, Made in USA collectible then I would suggest stripping the guitar right down to the bare bones and get out some 180 grit sandpaper and have at 'er. The acetone might work well on getting the paint off the pickguard, otherwise you can place an order at StewMac while you get parts for your neckthrough, if you haven't got everything you need for it yet.

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