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Blind Squirell Finds An Acorn.

Our Souls inc.

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O.K. , I'm wiring up a "middle position pickup" that I made out of 3 single coils. I managed to hook it up so I have my choice of 7.5 , 15.5 or 23.6 ohms . The 4 wire conductor is set up like this : Black and bare = ground / White lead = 7.5 /green lead = 15.5/ and the red lead = 23.6 . I plan on hooking it up to a normal 5 way switch .

Anyone ever done this ?

I have no idea ~

A: what I'm doing

B: what it's going to sound like

C: Why the heck I did it

4: If I'll do it again.

Any thoughts ?

FWIW - Its the 3 SC's from a Squier strat. I'll post a diagram of how I hooked it up in a bit.......


Thar she blows!


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