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Fixing A Botched Diy Repair

Donut Man

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I picked up an ESP 7 string today and the previous owner had filled in what was presumably a ding with some non-matching paint:



It only seems to be noticeable under certain lighting conditions. Is there anything short of sanding the whole guitar down and refinishing that I can do?

As the guitar is a solid colour, you could easily do a spot repair/patch up.

Colour matching may be a bitch but, you will end up with it looking much, much better than it is.

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Block sand the ding and feather about 1/2" around it. Re-fill the ding if neccessary, then take the guitar to you nearest auto paint store and see if they will do a good colour match for you and take it home a paint it.

From the pic, It looks as though it is a matt finish with no clear coat so, you really should have little dramas with it.

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