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String Action Problem

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I have a problem with my Lp.The distance "string-fretboard" in the 7th fret seems high in the 1 string although i have set the action in the bridge and the nut very low.This doesn't occur in the other srings so much especially in the 6th (low E)

.Is it possible to twist the neck such a way (only in one part of the neck) and what is the remedy?I think i should use 2 carbon fibre left and right of the truss rod next time....

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Did you have to tighten your truss rod a lot to get it where you have it ? If so , try a lighter gauge of string or a detuned setting to get less string tension.... I'm just guessing - it's hard not being able to see it.

Check it with a straight edge if possible , that'll tell you more than I can .

it has already #9 gauge strings.I have tigheted the truss rod already but is comes upwards in the middle of the fretboard not at the area of the 1 string...

Have you heard it again in the past such a situation?

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