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  1. I was looking at your work, you have gotten better with those gouges, which is hard to fathom since you were so damned good with them already. Im wondering if there is going to be an attempt at a one piece les paul now. Id like to see someone else have a go. see how they approach it.
  2. Hey Scott. Well, Ma is gone (wont get into that here) And the little one, well hes not so little anymore. Hes starting to get a bit of an interest in guitars, especially Les Paul's, Big gary moore fan. I see you won guitar of the year, well done.
  3. Iv done this before. Its very involved to get the type of grain you want in the neck for stability. You need to work from the fret board surface as a level. That way the neck grain is running the length of the neck. You carve the head stock just like the Gibson factory would, so you get a typical les paul neck joint. But carving the body is the tricky part. you need to carve the whole body at an angle, using the fret board face as your level starting point. Best thing to do is get hold of a les paul & make a few templates along its neck & body. this will give you an ides of the shape you need. The biggest issue I had was finding a billet of timber big enough that had no issues with grain. Also, when you cut away that much wood, the remainder of the billet starts to move about a lot. So you need to give yourself a lot of extra material to work with. It took me 3 attempts to get 1 guitar. Using Sepelle that was close to 600 euro in just timber. Hope that helps
  4. Hi Scott. I do still build them as it happens. Just have not been very active online for a long while is all. Thanks for the mention by the way.
  5. Hi Paulie, i haven`t found how to send a PM to you, maybe is because i`m a new member and don`t have many posts yet... anyway, my email is ivandaros@gmail.com, thanks in advance for the templates! and then we can talk about the Ibanez new and the dead guitar pile stuff! cheers!

  6. Hi Paulie, A pdf would be great, I don't have cad. My email is muzzbags@hotmail.com cheers, Muzz.

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