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Dyeing Body That Is Sealed?


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I just bought a guitar kit. The top is a flame but the whole guitar is already sealed. Will the wood dye work on this if it is already sealed? I thought I read that some like to seal it first. I don't understand how it'll seap???

I'll take a guess it's a maple top with a mahagony body underneath?

And is it a bona-fide maple top, or just a thin cosmetic veneer? Most kits and cheaper guitars tend to have just a veneer, though I have seen a few kits with real figured tops too so it's possible.

Also, what do you plan on putting on top of the dye? Oil finish? NitroCellulose?

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Dye penetrates wood. Sealer blocks penetration, does that answer your question.

You can add dye to the clear and spray a tint instead. Or try and not sand off the sealer. Honestly unless you are 100% it is a solid top dont sand it.

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Dye penetrates wood. Sealer blocks penetration, does that answer your question

I agree, I think you have to accept what you have as exactly what it is and deal with it as such.

You gotta work with the hand you're dealt, you can't act like or wish that you're holding anything other than exactly what it is you actually are holding, and what you're holding is a body that has had sealer applied to it, just accept that and move on to an option that is compatible with that fact and not waste your time trying to make it something it's not.

Manufacturers have to apply sealer to protect themselves and their profit margins so they don't get a slew of returned warped or cracked bodies, just a part of life.

If you want a body you -can- dye, look elsewhere, they're easy enough to come by out there.

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Okay. I'll do that then. Thanks for the help.

What I have found for for bodies and stuff are only on ebay. There are some but not that many. This one I have is PRS copy. Very hard to come by. I have found a les paul copy unfinished but it's all the way in china. Unless I want a strat or a tele(there are hundreds of these) then I'm out of luck. If you guys have any suggestions for these types of bodies and where I can get them, please let me know.

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I'm pretty sure it is just a veneer. It will be 2 part urethance for the clear.

I would love to get a kit that uses a real maple top...do you know where?

Even if it's not in the online form, you can get a bolt kit from Carvin with a maple top (figured or not). It's pricey tough (something like 180$ upcharge just for the top).

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