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Hoiw Thick Of A Finish For Maple Necks?


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So I'm finishing a maple/maple warmoth bass neck, and I'm on my 7th coat of lacquer for the front and 6th for the back. the finish still seems really thin, so I'm wondering how much more I should spray. Should I spray until I can see build-up with my naked eyes (like production neck-through guitars with finished necks)? or should I leave it thin so that it looks like smooth wood? I'm trying to reach a Fender-like neck finish. what about the fretboard? how thick?

thanks a lot

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It really depends how heavy those 6/7 coats are! If they're very light coats, you might not have enough. If they were sprayed on thick and heavy, they're most likely more than adequate.

It's a question of how durable you want your finish to be. Are you trying to protect your instrument from the elements or from the player?

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