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I have no idea if i can adjust an HVLP spray gun to a normal compressor or do i nead a special or airless...

thank you

There are two types of guns. Ones dedicated to Air driven turbine units, they come as a package, or Seperately purchased guns which connect to an compressor. They are not interchangable.

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You have 'conversion' HVLP guns that run on standard air compressor (ie SATA, IWATA, DeVilbiss, etc.) and standalone systems with 3-stage turbines and dedicated guns that don't require a seperate compressor, like the Fuji Q3, Q4 and Mini Mite (the most affordable of the lot). If I was starting out today, I'd probably get a MiniMite. Since I already had the compressor, etc. I'll likely stick with my SATA setup.

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My problem is that i want to spray liquid copper or iron and the Sculpt Nouveaou suggests HVLP spray gun in 70-90 psi...My question is why must i buy this special gun?

Because the density of liquid copper is much bigger than for example a laquer?Is this HVLP special for these densities?

4:18 time refering of the video

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