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  1. Paduak after that, then flame maple on the outside. Thanks, i loved the way this neck looks. I want to do more combos like this.
  2. Ive never seen this explained before. Very useful!
  3. Compound is the last thing on the list. I havent tried it yet. I only use 2 radii currently, either 12 or 16. Both have shown the exact same outcome so far. Compound is on the list.
  4. Thanks scotty! I have a really good quilt/ flame supplier if you want his info. Interesting you mention the magnets, i had planned on doing that for a wh ile
  5. Yes, i have a guy here who used to work for the jackson custom shop (he actually invented the warrior shape) Have had him doing the fretwork for me on all of these, and they still all have the same result.
  6. Been a while since posted dome updates. Here are some finished guitars.
  7. Sprayed a lot of clear lately. Thr walnut explorer is pre level and buff. Sprayed very nicely
  8. Some color was added tofay. Really like the color scheme on th5r explorer.
  9. I always appreciate your encouragement scottie! Especially with you being a master builder yourself.
  10. I always appreciate your encouragement Scotty!
  11. Thanks man! Ive gotten to the point where thats how i want my builds to be. Where they look great at a glance, but the longer you look, the more detail you see.
  12. Despite the issues, I have started building necks again after 5 months. The new fret leveling guy is awesome! Also got this amazing abalone block inlay board from doug.
  13. This one is thicker than my standard. .82 at the first fret, .89 at the 12th. Dual action rod. 13* headstock angle, graphtech nut
  14. Maybe? This one isnt a multi piece neck, just maple with an ebony fretboard.
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