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Wiring Input... All Welcome.


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Hi all,

Well, this is the deal. I've got a 5 way super switch (24 pole), 2 - 500ohm push/pull pots (volumes), and 1 - 500 pot (for tone). I'm planning on stuffing all of this into an Ibanez RG470, which I've swapped out all 3 pups for 4 conductor models.

Now... I've got some basic ideas of what I'd like to wire and how, but I would also appreciate any and all input from the membership. If anyone has done some really fancy wiring on their axes, and would like to share, I would be forever greatful.

One thing for sure though, I'm not going for any out of phase configurations, or I would prefer to stay away from them. I've already got a couple of guitars setup for that. They don't suit wah work very well, unless I'm going for some really freaky/sqeaky noises.

Anyway, I've already consulted the usual Guitar Electronic, Seymour Duncan, etc. sites and drawings. I'm more interested in personal opinions, so let 'er rip people... I'm all ears.

Thanks to all in advance.

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just to be picky the superswitch is actually 4-poles - not 24. This means you have 4 switches that are independeant of each other - so its 4 pole

Really you have loads of options and its just deciding what you want

but i would go for a rather traditional:


Bridge & Middle


Middle & neck


Push/pull to split both humbuckers

Push/pull to activate neck pickup

to give all this:

Bridge HB

Bridge SC

Bridge HB & Middle SC

Bridge SC & Middle SC

Bridge HB & neck HB

Bridge SC & Neck SC

Bridge HB, MIddle SC & Neck HB

Bridge SC, Middle SC & neck SC

Middle SC

Middle SC & neck HB

Middle SC & neck SC

Neck HB

Neck SC

Which could just as easily be done with a normal strat switch and actually feels quite natural - you would still only use two or three though

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Thanks for the correction Wez, you're absolutely right, I erred on the description of the switch.

Yup, your setup was already on top of my list, I was just wondering if anyone had any other exotic ideas.

Thanks Wez. As always, on top of your game.

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well what i would really go for is a push/pull for each humbucker, and another on the tone pot to add the neck pickup in

this would allow all the above as a few others combining the bridge and neck with one humbucker, the other single.

it would also allow you to wire the push/pulls as series/parallel switches instead. the parallel settings sound pretty damn similar to sc mode (obviously depending on pickup) but you would have the advantage that every setting but middle sc alone was humcancelling

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i think i would go with series parellel on the push pulls. i never really cared for the split humbucker. also you could go volume tone blend pot

http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...=43387&st=0 check out the post for ansil's blend pot info very cool being able to cut the bass right on the guitar.

any way another thing i like are phase switches they can really alow you to dial in some interesting sounds but im not sure i would do that on your guitar because i also like having indivdual volume pots for each pickup with that.

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