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Custom Logo Over Maple Veneer

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Hi all,

I am building a maple veneered solid body and want the headstock on the neck to match and I want to add my own logo. I was looking over the following tutorial:


Solid body looks as follows:


Can I follow the method described in this tutorial? If so what is the proper sequence? My guess is:

1. Glue veneer

2. Stain

3. Sanding Sealer & Level sanding

4. Black burst

5. Apply logo and follow tutorial to finish

Is that right? Am I missing anything? Are there any concerns I could possibly be over looking?

I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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After using water slide decals I tried a peel and stick polyester product which was printable on a laser printer. Maybe a tad thicker but no chance of it comming up during the top coats. It was also easier to apply and no bubbles formed.


The issue with the dark color is unless you either cut a white logo to the line you cant print white except on a special printer. If the HS is dark it may be hard to see your decal.

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if its a dark headstock design your logo with a dark border and print the logo out as per the tutorial (i.e in reverse). now you need to spray the logo lightly anyway to seal it, so spray it with a colour, maybe silver. if you hold it up to the light you should still be able to see your border so cut it out carefully and apply as normal, the colour coat will be on the reverse

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