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Neck Nut

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Ok my custom project is going well, ive found a washburn wonderbar that i really want, but its got gibson spacing and the neck im getting is of a fender type. But i can get different nut widths for it.

heres the specs that is standard with the neck

25-1/2" Scale, 22 Frets

10"-16"compound radius fretboard - 1/4" thick

Double expanding truss rod

Flat bottom nut slot

Heres the different nut widths.

1-5/8" (41.27mm)

1-11/16" (42.85mm)

1-3/4" (44.45mm)

So is it possible to use one of the above nut widths and keep the intonation correct and scale length using a gibson spaced tremelo?

if not is there anyway i can keep the gibbo spaced tremelo and a fender type neck without affecting the intonation or any other factors?

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well ive decided that to get gibson nut width 1 11/16th in the fender type neck, there would be no strings running off the fretboard. im used to gibson type necks, so if i get a gibson type nut and it ran into my gibson spaced bridge there should be no problem right? and there would be no intonation problems as long as i place the bridge correctly? where would i put the bridge ?

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The "hard tail " bridge on my current main strat has a Gibson string spacing. I know it must because it makes my strings line up about perfect with Gibson spaced pickups. I guess it makes my E strings have a little more room from the edges of the neck, but I haven't even thought about it. Strat neck nut widths go all over the place. Just get a blank that fits the slot, and make it the same width as the neck at the nut slot, then lay out your e strings, and space the other strings within that.

Washburn wonderbar eh ? man, I remember when those came out in the mid-80's. Almost put one on my Fender Lead II. Glad I didn't. Those things must be a bitch to find parts for now.

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