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Latest Blues Blaster

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Here is th e Latest Blaster, She will sport , Parson Street PAF duplicated Hummers,wax potted... 500K pots,3way selection 500K, and a wrap over tailpiece,Grover Metros 80.1 Mahogney Neck satin finish smooth and sweet.



She is still a Nawlins Series Guitar, made from the 300+ year old wood from New Orleans, 1 piece Body, Has resonance beyond belief, Hand Carved,

She is United with some of her sisters.


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lookin good exactly what wood is that

This wood is Salvaged from A restoration Project On magazine street in New Orleans, the Beams were deteriorated on the ends where they rested into the masory, center sections in great shape, Beams were installed in 1814, timbers was a part of the rampart, that General Jackson along with Jean Lafittes men Built to defend New Orleans against British invaison, in the 1812 war , Ive found many Muskett ball holes and battle evidence, The wood has been part of that Building for 196 years, and by the size of the Beams the timber was right at 100 years old when harvested in one beam I counted 120 rings of growth just in one beam!! Its Red Heart Pine, or Swamp Pine, very hard and stable, used for Flooring,wall sheathing, etc.


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That has to be the coolest wood I have ever heard of that someone is building a guitar out of!

Really cool man.

Thanks, I get very Good Vibs from this wood, and the History is unbelivable, such beautiful wood, The Blues Blaster, series of guitars have such rich fat tones, I know in most part due to the wood resonance,here is the Buildings the wood was salvaged from 317/319/321 magazine street


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To give you a referance to the massive size of some of the beams, next to one of my workers


Man oh man, my mouth is watering looking at that old lumber and the width of the stock

Those guitars look great and I'll bet the wood is very nice to work with.

You are very lucky to have the honor of keeping such rare pieces of America's heritage playing on through time.

Thank you!

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