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Good Start To Tinker And Learn?

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ive been playing guitar for 7 years now and id like to learn more about how they are built, how to repair them and maintain them etc... is this a decent block to tinker with and mess around with?


guy will take 40 bucks... from reviews online its a solid maple body? keep in mind i wouldnt be playing this guitar just tearing it down maybe practice refinishing stuff and maybe down the road start to add nicer parts onto it.. just something to do with my spare time, ya know? what do you think

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Good advice. When I got interested in making/repairing guitars, I put an add in the local classifieds asking if anyone had any broken guitars they wanted to get rid of. Had a couple of reply's, and one guy gave me three guitars. There wasn't a lot wrong with them except that the electrics didn't work and a few other minor issues. One I'm going to completely f**k around with (refinish/refret/rewire etc, maybe thickness it and give it a nice top), and the other two i'm fixing and will sell to help fund this rather expensive hobby of ours.

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Looks like a clean guitar for $40.

There's a lot you could practice on a cheap Asian guitar....

-fretwork might not be the best--practice leveling, recrowning, filing fret edges, etc.

-strip and refinish

-mess around and learn how string gauge, truss rod, and tremolo springs all interact

-wind your own pickups to replace the original

-install a preamp

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