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Need Some Termanoligy Help Please :p

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Hello all, new member :D (sorry if ive got the wrong section)

i just purchased my first every project guitar when fairly drunk. Its a 1969 Eros Les Paul for £50.

The body on it is perfect and a real beaut, but the neck has taken quiet a beating.

the white 'trim' (need proper terminology please) around the entire of the neck has had large chunks taken out of it. I need some tutorials on replacing the 'trim' and some kind of mini guide as to how to remove 'brushes'(i belive there called) without using the original screws, or a guide as to the different sizes of screws so i can reuse the old brushes.

please excuse the obvious noobieness :D

thanks in advance

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Pictures will overcome your lack of a discription on what is chuck of neck and beaten mean? Take lots of pictures and get back to us.

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