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Hi all,

I'm new to refinishing guitars so please don't flame me if my questions sound stupid- I have googled it but there are a few things I'm unsure about.

The guitar I'm planning on refurbishing is a Washburn WI64DL- I'm not too bother about it so if it goes wrong it's not a complete disaster.

The guitar has a glue on neck- is it possible to repaint the guitar (to a reasonable standard) without removing the neck? Or if the neck needs to be removed is it to difficult a job for a beginner? If anyone could point me in the direction a comprehensive guide of what needs to be done I would very much appreciate it.

Secondly the guitar has two additional tone control switches, VCC controls. Does anyone have any experience of dealing with these? Is it likely to complicate removing and reinstalling the electrics a great deal?



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Guitar Finishing Step by Step

Forget about removing the neck, pretty tricky for a beginner. Just tape off what you don't want to re-paint.

You should try to remove the electronics together (i.e. still wired up) as much as humanly possible. Disconnect the pickups and the output jack, remove the knobs and screws holding the pots to the body, and all the rest should just should lift out. Label each of the pots with a piece of tape first, so you'll know where to put them back when you're done.

Plan on spending a lot of time with various types of sandpaper in your hand.

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A big help before removing the electronics, take a lot of pictures of where the wires go. Unless you are very familiar with wiring guitars, the pictures will be a tremendous help.

That is a good idea. Why didn't I think of that. I always make drawing and I never quite understand them later. :-/

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You wouldn't believe how many time pictures are the only thing that got my car back into running condition. I pull stuff off, put the bolts in what seem like good places, try to put the parts in good order and the next day when it is time to put things back together I have no idea what I did. I love my digital camera.

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