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Sandpaper Question


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ok, so i haven't used wet or dry sandpaper for other than just dry, and read something about wet working better on sandpaper that is designated wet or dry, but better at what, sanding down or buffing smooth?

I've got 500 grit wet dry, and 2000 grit (was randomly given to me by my dad haha, seems a bit overkill lol) just wondering if i can get a smoother surface using it wet or using it dry?

also, do you just basically dip it in a bucket of water then sand, or will it work sanding on something that the paint is still a little wet? (i know this last one seems dumb to me as i assume in any condition messing around with wet paint and sand paper will be a clumpy mess unless you have that kind thats got that special soap stuff in it that breaks down build up.)

anyways, thanks for hearing out my n00b question

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well... wet sanding is only to be done on a finish. You wet sand in between coats, AND before you buff. most people use the micro mesh and sand up to 12k grit. I only go to 2k grit.

I dip it in a bucket, then shake off the excess (too much water will get all over and in holes you dont want it to get into in the guitar)

Dont EVER sand wet paint...

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