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How To Build A Guitar In 62 Easy Steps


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Instead of doing a carved top and you did a roundover that exceeds a 1/4" top, let's say 1/2", would it be unsafe to route the roundover on the top while it was attached to the rest of the body with only the dowels for support? Since the neck is sandwiched in between, I'm not sure this is the safest method, but I'm not sure how you could do them separately if the router bit needs to cut into both and I'm almost certain you wouldn't want to route this with the neck glued in. Am I making any sense?

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I too have made a long tenon guitar that at least I believe turned out very nice. It was my first attempt at this type of guitar but was my fourth actual build. I will probably do another one in the future. I entered it in the guitar of the month contest but didn't win. There were many guitars so much better than mine entered that I wish I owned. Here is the link. http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.ph...hl=six_stringer

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In what way? I honestly don't know if it does or not. The long tenon allows the bridge to connect to the same lumber as the nut and head stock and tuning machines and finger board. I did it because that seams like the most stable connection to me, even more so than a neck through as the tenon is sandwiched between the body and top wood. It also follows the lines of the sides of the neck which wedges it into the route cut for it. It has to be pressed in from the top; it cannot just slide in from where the heel would be. I know PRS says they add some heel to improve the tone, but I have no knowledge of how much there is to that. I do know that is a very solid feeling guitar like it was all one piece. I just carve the neck join to make it as comfortable as possible. Looks better too. It certainly did not weaken the connection.


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