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Is This Normal?


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i don't think it is Fspaced.

dimarzios have an 'F' stamped on the baseplate. Can you remember seeing it?

and, no, i don't think it is normal for a pickup to end up in the wrong box or have the wrong sticker.


how about a full pic of that guitar, looks like a metallic swirl....

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looks ok to me, is the guitar fspaced ? (53mm string spacing)

what do the pickup pole pieces measure ?

53mm for fspace

48mm for non fspacing

OMG! Your right. It is NOT f-Spaced! It's at 48mm (1.89"). Dimarzio put the wrong pickup in the box. And I had it wired up and everything.

Thanks for the heads up. This time i'm going to make sure it is 53mm pole to pole.

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