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Bass Guitar Build! (help)

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Hi there, im new to this forum. I found it from a member on Talkbass.com.

First off im very excited to have found this resource. Im very interested in building a

bass, but im having trouble finding finished dimensions to guage what size material i will need to buy.

Im not really following a predesigned template, so as long as the over all dimensions are accurate, i can

shape the bass around them. I plan on doing a through neck design, becase u think it would be easier

then a bolt on style. Im not 100% set on this though.

What im looking for as of now is:

Neck length x width x thickness

Body " "

also, for some of you who have already built bass guitars. What is the smallest diameter you can go for the neck before you start to risk warping? Any advice that could help me in this endeavor is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time,

And happy building!

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I can recommend drawing it out to scale. Can't go wrong there! Neck warping is different to bending under tension, but yeah. Haven't got specific dimensions in mind, but looking at the slender necks out there I would take cue from them. Fender didn't go too far wrong with jazz basses in flatsawn Maple ;-)

Bolt on is easier as you can dial out mistakes in alignment and angle. Neck through is unforgiving and full of opportunitysto kick yourself, but triumphant when you Hannibal it.

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some easy digestible words of advice i heard for some of these questions are like; 4-5mm of wood on each side of the truss rod; seasoned wood wont warp (nesessarly) just succumb to string tension where the truss rod;with enough material to take the pressure will adjust;

your width shoukd be determined by your bridge spacing to desired nut width e.g. 40mm; make a drawing from your outer saddles to where you want your strings e.g. 30mm apart 15mm on each side of your center line add the 5mm on each side and there you go;

if your just looking to make a body shape thats tried and true, trace a factory shape and just go from there; have all your hardware handy and you cant go wrong; your only making a vessel for all of it; thru necks can be a challenge; but no more than anything else if your focussed; i stay clear because i dont have the room in my shop to walk around with a full 50" the whole process

good luck

show your progress

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