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Working On A Build! Questions About Neck Bolts And Cavity

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Long story short. I'm currently working on an Ibanez jem knockoff body + Rg370 neck. Right now the neck needs to be lower and screw holes needs to align. I've decided to sand the body instead of the neck since the neck is much more expensive and firm. I have 2 screws that doesn't align and 2 that does. Original screw are filled with wood glue + toothpicks + shavings/dust from sanded neck pocket.


1. It looks like this before the bolts were screwed into the neck. Look at the space! It got a little bit worse after too! But i'm guessing adjusting the length on the floyd rose can compensate for the intonation? While the sustain would still suffer. Is that right?

2. I ordered a set of RG neck screws (4) and 2 of them are longer and 2 are shorter. What is the screws suppose to be placed? Also a friend handed me a crapped out ironbird that needs the neck screw holes redrilled. Same question as above =)


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Dont fill as crusial holes as neck screw holes with toothpicks and glue/shavings. Use solid wood. Drill out the old hole to get a new, clean surface to glue. Chuck a short piece of maple in a power drill, start slow to check that it is solid in there, run it at moderate speed and jam a file against the wood to make a custom sized maple dovel that match the hole you just drilled.

As long as the neck has the right amount of frets (not putting a 22 fret neck on a 24 fret body) you should be fine with that neck.

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