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Neck Depth/length For Set-neck?

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Hey guys,

I've had a look at the other posts on this forum, and I'm either blind, dumb (a huge possibility :D ) or no one has really asked this question before. So my question of the day is:

How thick should a neck blank be for a set neck? I mean can I use a 3/4-1" blank and glue it to the body (similar to an Ibanez RG neck), or would I better off glueing a heel/step onto it for more body contact (like a Gibson Les Paul)

At the same time, how far should the neck extend into the body for the 3/4-1" style of set-neck (if at all do-able/advisable)?

The reason I ask is that I'm looking at sculpting the join to feel like a neck-through and don't want the whole thing to fail dismally.

Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.



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Warrior guitars are an example of what you are trying to do. The neck heel is not much thicker than a typical bolt-on. The length of the heel inside the body is very short.

In recent years they have extended the heel up into the neck pickup area. The neck is glued in, then the pickup cavity is re-routed. It ends up looking like a regular neck heel with a foot about 1/4" thick that extends up under the pickup. The pickup then has enough clearance, and the neck joint has more glue surface. The body is pre-shaped. The neck heel is blended into it after the glue dries.

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