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Sealed Tuners

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yes, they have a plastic washer between the thumbscrew and the unit. on the lower ones (closest to the nut) they are a little stiff when the string is up to tension. i have the same problem on both my 12-string and 6-string acoustics, although, these are both 'new' guitars.

waiting on a new set of bridgepins and saddle before this project is complete. i was planning on using vaseline, packing it like a set of bearings on a car. perhaps even using a grease gun to get it in there. currently, they seem to be oiled, and the plastic washer seems to be in good shape. my guess is that in storage perhaps the lower tuners were more exposed to some type of environmental element that depleted the lube.

thanks for the good ideas! will try and post pics when complete.

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