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Ibby Overhaul


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This is my first time posting on here and I'm completely new to anything and everything guitar tech related so I need a lot of help. I've got a mid 80's Ibanez PR1660 (the Rhoads shaped 1) with the pink cherry ice finish that I love to death, but it definately needs work. So, here's the questions I have:

1. The Pro Rock'r trem is kinda sorta pretty much useless. when I got it, it didn't come with the original whammy bar, it's a bit rusted in spots, has what looks like part of a floyd rose string lock replacing the high e string lock of the original trem, won't stay in tune very well, and it only does divebombs... so I really wanted to look into getting an original floyd rose put on it like my Dean guitar has so it would stay in tune perfectly and do pull ups, but someone else told me that the Pro Rock'r trem posts are spaced 82mm apart and floyds tend to be 74mm spacing. what would I use to fill the old post holes and how should i go about re-drilling the new 1's for the floyd? should i go for the original floyd rose or an Ibanez floyd like an edge pro or lo-pro styled trem? also, what sized trem block would I need for the thickness of the guitar? I'm not sure of what measurements I'd need to get or how to get them to figure that out or what measurements I'd need for routing the body to fit the trem period.

2. The finish is beat to hell. a deep cut or 2, a lot of nicks and scratches, and the wings are chipped like crazy... I really want this thing to look brand new and wanted to completely refinish it in basically the brightest pink I could find.


the color of the RG in the link that exact color would be perfect! where would I be able to find that specific color? I've never refinished a guitar before either, but I've read a lot on the forums on how to do so and wanna try on my buddy's cheap Tele first before I try doing it to mine. any further tips towards that (supplies, techniques, and the like) would be amazing! I was also thinking about finishing the neck the same color as well and really can only find people that use things like tung and tru-oil to refinish necks. the neck plays great but if my hand sweats even a little bit it starts to get really dirty and sticky which doesnt happen with my other guitars that have finished necks. advice there is needed too

That's a lot I know, but I love this guitar and really want it to look the way it sounds. any and all help will really just make my year, haha! it really would, thanks in advance!

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Why don't you measure all of the dimensions on your RR trem that are mentioned in the first post of the link there,and then look through the rest of the replies to find the ones that match..then you can buy one that just drops in.

I skimmed over that thread while looking around, but I just assumed any decent trem I put in would require a little work to get in. just by looking at it it seems to just sit on the very top of the guitar without much routing at all and the sides of the Pro Rock'r prevent it from pulling up, but I will definately get it off and get back on what I find. any idea where I could get the paint tho? I've seen the color in an airbrushing shop, but would the type of paints they use be suitable on my guitar? I want it to look as close to perfect as I can get it ^-^\m/ thanks for the help though!

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