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Internal Speaker Fun


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Hi Guys,

I am currently starting my first guitar build and as a mini project I am making my niece a 1/2 sized guitar. This will reduce the cost of any not so deliberate mistakes (as well as making me the best uncle :D ).

So to the point ... I am trying to come up with a way to mount a speaker and 9v Amp unit somewhere in the guitar. I want her to be able to pick the guitar up and play it without setting up of Amps etc. My thought was as I am using a single pickup to mount it under the strings at the base of the neck.

So to the questions:

Does anyone know why this could be an awful idea?

Has anyone done it before and has any tips?

Does anyone know a good Amp circuit emporium for buying such Amp/speaker combo's? I have googled but found it very hard to pin anyone down about usage.

Basically, any help would be most gratefully received.

Sorry if this is posted anywhere else but my attempts to find it have failed.



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Wait, are you thinking about putting the speaker at the base of the neck, right below the strings? Sounds like a recipe for disaster. You'll get constant feedback me thinks, because the speaker would be vibrating the strings. For the actual amp, you could gut one of those little mini amps that are powered by a 9v, like a Marshal MS-2 for example.

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I have toyed with the idea. Never liked the sound so I backed off. But I am not a kid.

I have a few small battery powered amps. Homemade, a first act pocket amp, and a zoom effects unit with built in 4" speaker.

First act has a pocket amp for something like 40.00

If you google battery guitar amp.

or pocket amp. You will find all sorts of things.

Something like this works. I built one from radio shack.


The one I picked up had a resistor to add gain. I built it on a switch. it kind of goes between a clean sounds and a fuzz sound.

You may end up with feed back once you get the speaker under the strings. all depends on the set up and power.

It will still need an on off switch and trying remembering to turn it off was always a problem for me as a kid.

My active pickups often remain on for hours since I cant remember to unplug the chord.

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