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Will This Schematic Work


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yeah, that will work fine - but worth noting it wont be the way J-basses (i.e dual volume) do usually.

On les paul style wiring like that diagram you get a master volume effect, that means turning down either volume fully down will kill the signal from both pickups- very useful if you want to quickly silence the instrument

You can also slightly modify the wiring so that the volumes act independently - all you would do on that diagram is swap the red wire with the blue so the pickup connects to the middle tag and output connects to first tag. This is the way J-basses are wired as the dont usually have the 3-way switch so its more important for the volumes to act independently. Its also useful as it allows you to have one pickup turned all the way up and one all the way down to use the toggle as a killswitch

So just decide which you would prefer, which is going to be more useful to you?

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What I would like to do is have the volume working independently of each other when either one of the pickups is selected and be able to do the same when both are selected i.e when the 3 way switch is in the middle position.

Pos 1.....neck pup only with vol 1 pot

pos 2..... both pups, being able to adjust the volume on either one i.e. vol 1 pot on 4, whilst vol 2 pup on 9

pos 3..... bridge pup only with vol 2 pot

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